Designation – PHP Developer

Location – Pune

JD –

  •  Should be able to develop a website by taking responsibility after getting brief
  • Should be able to handle responsiveness and browser-related changes or current bugs and outline changes required.
  • Document processes and code in a clear, comprehensive and organized manner.
  • Provide input to help improve site usability, interface design, architecture, layout and content.
  • Be mindful of upcoming upgrades or potential security flaws.
  • Should be fluent in English.


  • We are seeking to hire a Web Developer to develop websites having worked on PHP server language and MySQL database.
  • The developer candidate needs to have a high level of competence with WordPress best practices, frontend web development,PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery, Ajax, CSS3, JSON.
  • The developer should also be well versed in mobile responsive design using frameworks such as Bootstrap or another CSS3 framework.
  • The developer should be familiar with testing for cross-browser compatibility issues and load time.
  • Knowledge and experience of web accessibility
  • Good understanding of the cross-platform and cross-browser issue
  • Having a clear understanding of core PHP functions, classes and usability
  • Having knowledge of software design patterns