What do you do if you don’t have a database of people who’ve bought your homes? You plan a party!


Amanora Park Town did not have the personal details of the home-owners to target them & their friends with relevant communications around project offerings and community happenings.

We had to generate a database of these home-owners by inviting them to the biggest Navratri Party in Town!


DViO helped the brand by:
1) Creating Branded Content shared by the entrants to the party
2) Generating a database of home-owners & their guests at the event
3) Showcased our presence across Social Media via Live Walls
4) Shooting testimonials of people while they're having fun!


We generated a database of 3000+ visitors who attended the event

Social Feeds were populated with people using Amanora's Custom Facebook Frame, creating proud Evangelists

Of the database generated, 30% of all visitors were guests of residents who can be targeted with Amanora Park Town's Social Content