Ours is a country that is fuelled by emotion and ambition. The dichotomy of lesser-known versus new-age India results in a large slice of the urban population being immigrant. An this large section of urban India tends to miss ‘belonging’ and ‘family’ in their lives.

Reliance Home Finance recognized this problem of such a large, economy-driving section of society, and attempted to be the enabler brand which brings families together with the #BringThemHome campaign


The youth of rural and Tier 2 India migrates to the metro cities for an upgrade in their standard of living.

This insight tied in well with the brand philosophy of Reliance Home Finance which is to be a catalyst for those seeking an #Upgrade in their life, whether professionally and personally. The brand wanted to resonate with someone who is driven, as well as has a high EQ.


On the ocassion of Parents Day, RHF struck a chord with this key demographic and lowest hanging fruit in terms of businss conversions through an emotionally driven digital-first video and social extensions through ancillary content and contests.

The campaign approach began with the design language of creating a mnemonic logo unit and teaser content from the DVC to get the audience engaged, and then extended itself into high video consumption and UGC. We did this through strong and relevant TG connect of wanting to own their own space, with an #Upgrade to accomodate their loved ones.

The DVC was also well apprciated as it encapsulated a strong and relatable scenario of modern day, working India.


The campaign had measurable social and business-level outcomes:

Almost 1 million views for the DVC across social media

An increase in social media page views by 532%

Over 300 business leads, with 3 prompt loan sanctions resulting in immediate business of over INR 40L

An engagement rate of 11% in a category averaging 5% social engagement

Improvement in brand searches through intent marketing, aiding SEO efforts

Over 350 organic Twitter Followers

Trending for the Parents Day weekend, showcasing how well the DVC was received