Phoenix Market City Pune undertook the initiate to get Punekars together and express thier love for the city. For every message/tweet posted, Phoenix made a donationto to an NGO and got much of the city to support a cause.


Phoenix Pune wanted to bind their entire city and get Punekars connected in talking about why they love Pune.


While everybody was talking about love, confessions, relationships with people on Valentine's, Phoenix Market City asked people to tweet using #ILovePune and state their reason. On every tweet, Phoenix Marketcity city would donate Re. 1 to an NGO for a chosen cause. This is now an annual activity done to get the entire city to come together for social good.


We garnered a reach of 2.66 million with over 4500 Punekars responding to the campaign in just 1 day and #ILovePune made space for itself on the trends map for 4 hours.