With it’s niche & evolved content, Star Gold Select HD found itself competing with other HD channels with Bollywood Blockbuster libraries. Star Gold Select HD was also struggling with lower time-spent, when compared to its competition. Most of the TV movie-watching audience, snacked on movies on tv, meaning they watched bits and parts of the movie rather than the whole movie. About 59% of the audience watching movies on tv, dropped off from the movie once a commercial breaks come in.


Decrease audience drop-outs as against competition and thereby increase time-spent by 30% thereby increase overall market share by 20%
The role of digital was to create awareness around our proposition and thereby creating positive conversations around the brand.
Consumers viewed commercial breaks as irritants to their movie-watching experience.
We wanted them to watch Movies with Just One Interval on your television only on Star Gold Select.


We conveyed this message to the consumers with a disruptive delivery using messaging contextualized to media platforms and content-genres across social media, TV and movie theaters.
We got Zakir Khan on board to deliver the message is his typical humorous, witty demeanour.
This was broken into phases:
Phase #1: Getting the audience behind the problem by creating a rant via Zakir Khan that spoke out against ads on TV as part of a social cause called #BreakSeBachao.
Phase #2: Reveal the solution to this problem in the form of a channel that allows only one break with Star Gold Select’s proposition of #SirfEkInterval. This message was then conveyed across relevant channels with customised messaging.


Set Target Set: Increase time-spent by 30%
Result: OVERACHIEVED target by 14%
Set Target Set: Increase market share by 20%
Result: OVERACHIEVED by 28%