We all have our goals, dreams and ambitions that drive us. But very few of us know how to make these dreams a reality.

Reliance Mutual Fund, one of India’s largest AMC’s decided to intervene and help you plan to tick all the tems off your bucket list by helping you craft a personalised plan for wealth creation.


As India takes giant strides towards being a global superpower, the concept of planned investments to meet each life goal is understood by a very limited percentage of the population.

But with this surge in global status comes the hopes, dreams and aspirations of a huge population. Educating the masses with a strong personalized connect was at the core of what RMF wanted to achieve. With investing and calculating being commonly (and pedantically executed) used in the Industry, the challenge was to create a powerful campaign with a pop-culture touch to drive engagement and awareness on social media and the digital spectrum.


The 'social media generation' of investors closely connect with Bucket Lists as a reference point to achievement. This Bucket List is often an exhaustive list of items, ranging from travel to owning prized possesions and opportunites for deeper self improvement like education or adventure.

Usually, we compromise on the items in this list by prioritizing, and leaving out the rest. Reliance Mutual Fund intervened by creating an extremely intuitive and award winning microsite that not only helped users list their dreams and aspirations, but also provided a personalized plan to achieve each and every one of the listed 'items'.

This campaign was extended on TV as TVC's and social media campaigns with the underlying message of Wealth Sets You Free.


The results of the campaign were measured qualitatively and quantitatively - With the core mesage of how planned wealth creation can give you the expanse of choice and freedom to achieve everything you set as a goal for yourself.
The website had over 70,000 unique visits in the first week of the campaign itself, with users thronging the website to create their own personalized plan during the festive season.
Over 1000 inspired prospective investors who enquired for RMF products as investment options to achieve their goals
4 TVC's were created with the Wealth Sets You Free ideology, each trending organically on Twitter for over 5 hours each, minutes after their respective digital release
Over 1.2 million YouTube video views for the digital films