Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a detailed process that requires a lot of research and analysis. The best SEM strategies study search behaviour closely, understand what people are searching for and write the ads that bring the best quality customers on to your site. And this requires serious understanding of your business. To put this in perspective, most of Google’s revenue – all $37 billion of it – comes from SEM! So we better have the right strategy for you here.

That’s why we invest time and effort to first understand your business, define what sets you apart, so we can get customers that have the highest likelihood of conversion through the right combination of keywords and ads. We research the highest value keywords and write compelling ad copies to bring people to your website and increase your pay per click campaign’s Quality Score. We have a team of Adwords certified individuals on board who have managed to deliver results for various clients across various verticals. We understand Adwords Model and value of money and more so we understand your business. Thus, we ensure that for every penny that our clients spend, they get some return from it.

Our SEM services includes

  • Free PPC Search Marketing strategy consultation
  • Setup of PPC accounts
  • Keyword research, discovery & development
  • Ad copy creation and testing
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of your PPC accounts
  • Landing page creative design and testing
  • Weekly reporting services