MBC4’s prime time television series, Aroos Beirut was launching its season 2 in the middle east, an AR filter was to be curated for the fans to keep the spirit of the show alive, by incorporating their favorite characters and scenes from the show in the filter.


To create a buzz around the show, to get fans geared in for the second season, and to showcase a personal touch by letting fans enact and relive scenes from the show that they adore, therefore, creating engagement to drive the essence of the series.


The filter conceptualized by Team DViO Digital aimed at engaging with the series fans and creating a fun and exciting environment for them by letting them impersonate their favorite characters and act out scenes they love from the show.


The campaign received over 171.4k organic impressions and 68k opens on Instagram. Given the degree of immersion it created for the fans with their favorite actors, the filter saw a huge surge in virality with 23k captures and 2.6k shares, all within the span of a month.