Birkenstocks have a reputation of being comfortable, sturdy and stable and providing a strong foundation to all your adventures. Through the #GrowThemUp campaign, we tied the brand to wonderful parents who ensure a solid foundation to nurture their children’s ambitions. Dalia El Ali featured in the video and expressed her perspective of being a mom.


The need was a large-scale campaign that tied the brand to a more meaningful message and in turn create an emotional connect with fans so they associate Birkenstocks family and stability.


We created a campaign with the help of entrepreneur and designer Dalia El Ali. The video takes us into her life where she talks about the importance of respect, kindness and a solid foundation. The video gives us a sneak peak of her two sons as they cheerfully play around wearing Birkenstocks.


The video was viewed 153,129 times and is still one of the most heart-warming brand videos of Birkenstock.