Gaia Good Health wanted people to take a sneak peak into their everyday lifestyle and realise the kind of health compromises they make in their lives.


In the pursuit of a great life, in the flight towards their dreams, on their route to aspirations, people end up making unhealthy compromises. So Gaia took people on a journey of realisation by making them answer the #ThingsYouGiveUp in the context of their health.


With responses like these, Gaia connected with their audience and gave them a reality check of their health priorities.
'Skipping lunch for a meeting, sleeping late at night for a presentation the next day, extreme dieting to reduce weight' were some of the answers.
Gaia Good Health also created a measure for people to check thier health quotient on a scale of 1 to 10 through a Good Life Test.


Over 12 million views and 70% rise in the fanbase.
The Good Life Test got 1000 people to check their health quotient.
#ThingsYouGiveUp got tweeple talking for 6 hours with over 4700 tweets and 35 million impressions.