On-campus facilities and lifestyle is a major consideration factor for students and parents alike when they move to live on a college campus. BML Munjal University wanted to leverage the state-of-the-art infrastructure at their campus to drive consideration and be a preferred choice for students who had enquired about courses at BMU.


BML Munjal University has, at its disposal, the best in-class facilities for on-campus living. Through market insight, we discovered that an experience of the campus would help BML Munjal University be the preferred Educational destination for students.

However, the key challenge was to get students and parents to have a site visit due to the location being on the outskirts of Gurgaon city limits.


Leveraging technology and keeping creative storytelling at its core, we created a VR experience for all students and parents who had filled up the inquiry form, with the VR link being provided at the time of downloading the brochure.

This VR experience bought the prospective students closer to the campus and answered a lot of campus queries and worries parents had regarding the University.


The VR experience was well appreciated by the BMU prospects since it enabled a campus view through technology. It was also representative of the modern and tech-driven philosophy of the University that helped it become a preferred choice for students.

The key solution the VR Campus Experience provided was to assist in online applications and conversions.

BML Munjal University received double the number of applications compared to the previous year - For which the VR Experience played a role in assisting conversions by being deployed at Education Fairs and on-ground events.